Our main objective is to provide a warm, welcoming and safe environment where your child can thrive and grow to their full potential. Our goal is to create a setting where parents and children feel secure and supported.

The philosophy and goal of our infant program is to provide all of the comforts of home, while encouraging growth and development through activities specifically designed for their age group. Infants receive a lot of tender care by well trained, caring and responsible staff.
In our Infant classrooms, infants receive plenty of tender loving care, floor play, singing, stories and one on one teacher time.

Your baby will make new friends, grow and learn in a caring and safe surrounding. In our youngest classrooms, caretakers follow each infant's individual schedule. We try to keep your baby's routine as consistent as possible to your routine at home. This first year of your infant's life is such a time of growth and change where good communication between you and your child's teacher is essential.

In our Toddler Program, children are cared for in a nurturing environment that reinforces self-help skills and introduces potty-training.
Emphasis is on appropriate social interaction, strengthening listening skills, expanding language skills and vocabulary building.

Lots of creativity, imagination and discovery can be found in this program. Exploration is big in their environment, as well as, the world around them.
Children are encouraged to follow simple instructions or directions and introduced to following a classroom structure.

Our toddlers are actively learning about their emotions and appropriate social interaction.
Manners and social etiquette are emphasized and fostered.

Our Preschool Program is designed to foster social growth and lots of exploration. Challenge is shared between students and teachers to encourage motivation and introduce a commitment to learning.

An extensively themed environment is created to provide many opportunities for observation, research and self expression.
The Preschool Program offers an inspiring atmosphere for both growing and learning.

This program ensures an abundance of materials and equipment, available to children for not only academic purposes, but also for social, emotional and cognitive growth.

In addition, the regular movement enhances a child's skills for adaptation. It is through this developmental stage that strong bonds with friends form and learning to understand the needs of others begins to emerge.


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